Sweetgrass Fly Rod Penta 7' 2/2 #3

SKU: VFT12866

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For sale here is a 7 foot for a 3 weight, two-piece, two-tip gem made by the Booboys at Sweetgrass Rods. With five strips, it is a bit rare in the already rarefied air of bamboo. The customized nickel silver hardware, featuring a slideband seat over a gorgeous cocobolo insert, and the beautiful garnet wraps set the rod off from others. Jerry Kustich, the builder of this rod, says that five-strip, or "pent" rods, have a "reserve power" that surprises. A 3-weight rod is considered a lighter rod, but with a progressive action and that mysterious reserve power, this sweet stick will work well in a wide range of conditions from fishing dries to nymphing. Hand crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, by the booboys of Sweetgrass Rods, these rods carry an unconditional warranty and will be around long after the builders have passed to the great waters on the other side.