Brown Trout and The Mayfly - Mollan Media DVD

Hatching insects and jumping trout is the epitome of clean water and fresh nature. But how long can we keep this idyll? Anthropogenic pollution and alteration of rivers and streams threatens the spawning grounds of fish and and the life of insects. Film maker Arnt Mollan takes us to a fascinating world few have noticed, and by using underwater cameras and macro filming he portrays the complex relationships in nature.

We'll see footage of hatching mayflies and discover why they are so unique in the animal world. We see the trout roe's first heartbeat and the fry breaking out of the eggs. We are taken to the Eikern Heritage Fishery for big trout fishing and we follow one of the last large trout populations in southern Norway, which currently do without human integration when they gather for spawning.

The film contains several scenes that have never been filmed before, and we are taken closer to the action than ever.

This is 50 minutes of pure fascination filmed over 4 years by the riverside.

50 minutes - 16:9 - PAL format - No Regions - English and Norwegian comments 2010


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