FE Thomas Special Streamer Bamboo Rod 8'6" 3/2 #6/7

SKU: VFT5166

For sale here is a 8’6" 3/2 F.E. Thomas Special Streamer Rod. Serial number HG222, made in 1949. Standard brown wraps with red tipping at HK & male ferrules, half wells grip, screw down locking reel seat with wood spacer. Original tan bag and brass cap Thomas tube with original Thomas “shield” label. The best Thomas Streamer rod I've come across. Condition is Ex+ original.

This rod comes from a very discriminating collector and fisherman. He's been collecting, buying and selling rods for a long time. He is very particular about evaluating rods and what he buys. He has owned close to 200 rods over the past 25 years and has only kept the very best in terms of condition and build quality. This rod and others represent part of his collection and we feel they are some of the nicest and most honest rods anyone will ever hope to find.