Thomas & Thomas Limestoner Bamboo Rod 8' 2/2 #4

SKU: VFT12369

For sale here is a Thomas and Thomas Limestoner 8' 2/2 4wt. The Limestoner tapers are very popular 4 weight rods and this one is in near mint condition, probably never fished. The T&T wraps, in a certain period of production, had an issue with "frosting" underneath the wraps. This happened whether the rod was fished hard or remained in the tube since it was made. You can see this phenomenon in some of my photos of the wraps. It happened near the guide feet much of the time, but also appeared elsewhere in the wraps as it does on this rod. A restoration job on these wraps will cost the new owner a few hundred dollars, even though none of the guides are loose and the rod is imminently fishable as is. The asking price reflects this. This rod weighs 4.5 oz - tube label reflects the cane weight only. Size 13 ferrules. The varnish is excellent. Original bag and tube.