Tim Zietak "PHY Midge" quad bamboo rod 6'3" 2/2 #3

SKU: VFT12864

For sale here is a small-stream four-sided quad bamboo rod made by Tim Zietak of Pennsylvania. It's his Paul Young "Midge" taper in a 6'3 3wt and comes with two tips. A fine casting rod for mountain stream fishing. Rod is in near mint condition, nicely flamed, with only a few marks on the bluing of the bottom of the butt cap on the reel seat. Hammer-type handle like the old Edwards quads. Handmade ferrules. 5-6 coats of linseed oil finish. Comes with original bag and tube. Tim charges $1450 for a new 2/2 rod. Yours here is basically new condition for less than half of that.