Tom Morgan Rodsmiths - Graphite 8' 4wt

SKU: VFT10856

For sale here is a brand new Tom Morgan Rodsmiths graphite rod. 8 feet for a 4 weight line. Three-piece rod. Original owner's name on the rod. This is the standard light line rod for many anglers. It works well under a wide range of fishing conditions and will handle light summer zephyrs. They permit very delicate presentations, yet they will cast small wet flies and medium sized dries. These are light, lively rods that are fun to fish. The 8', 4-weight, 3-piece rod is a softer rod for fishing close to medium distances with great delicacy.

This is by far the finest graphite rod being made today. The quality of the fittings, sock and tube are beyond compare. Grab this one while you can because the waiting period for a new one is very long.