Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Peerless Fly Reel - Size 2

SKU: VFT5723

For sale here is an Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Peerless Fly Reel - Size 2 (2 3/4" diameter). German silver and ebonite construction throughout. Mechanically the reel is in superb condition with an extremely smooth winding operation. The oil cap has the 1883 patent stamp. No serial number on the foot owing to its pre-1908 date of manufacture. The foot is full length and unmolested.

The underside of the bridge of the foot has been filed, then finished-down, exposing the screw ends a touch, as well as the threads within the bridge. We have seen this before, usually on smaller reels, as people find the capacity isn't enough for the lines that they want to use and they attempt to make more room for the line by performing such a procedure. There is no cause for concern however with this affecting the operation of the reel. Give thanks to the larger line capacity ;-)

There are also two hairline fissures in the backplate of this reel. The first is between the foot bridge screws. The second is in between the oil cap and sliding click switch and extends slightly beyond the incised circle around the oil cap. This fissure resulted from over-tightening of the screws within the interior of the reel where the spring is attached with a n/s plate. Neither fissure is troublesome with regards to the fantastic operation of this reel. For those of you wanting to own and/or fish with one of these brilliant Vom Hofe treasures, this is the one for you! It will last another lifetime if well cared for.