Edward Vom Hofe Model 423 - Size 6/0 Fly Reel

SKU: VFT4767

For sale here is an Edward Vom Hofe Model 423 salmon fly reel in excellent overall condition. This serial number E298 reel was made in 1912.Size 6/0 - 4 1/4" diameter. This reel carries the Jan 23, 1883 patent on the oil cap. German silver safety bands and pair of roller bars. The reel has a buttery smooth and strong adjustable drag and click and has recently had its leather drag pads replaced.The reel foot is full length and not filed. Includes a 6/0 marking as well as the model and serial number. No cracks exist in the hard rubber and no dings to the rims. A fine example and still a very capable reel to catch very large salmon or steelhead.