Edward Vom Hofe Model 504 Tobique Size 1/0 Fly Reel

SKU: VFT5432

For sale here is a very rare special order Edward Vom Hofe fly reel, a Model 504 Tobique. Although the reel foot is stamped "1/0" and has the standard 3 1/8" diameter, this reel actually has a spool width of 1 3/8", similar to a standard size 2/0 reel. What also makes this reel possibly unique is the configuration of the back plate and drag design. Rather than being placed around the center pivot cap as with the standard Tobique and Restigouche reels, this reel features the adjustable drag and red indicator dots being placed closer to the outer rim of the backplate. The reel carries the 1896 patent "Edward Vom Hofe Maker -N.Y.-" marked pivot cap. Serial number Z279 appears on the foot, placing the date of production in 1933.

Excellent condition overall. The ebonite is clean and free of cracks. The german silver rims are in fine shape as well. Only one screw on the headplate shows a bit of buggering, the rest remaining nearly perfect. The reel foot is in excellent unmolested condition and includes the model number, size, and serial number. The disc on the backplate that one would typically consider the on/off switch does not appear to move, nor is there evidence of it ever having been moved (no marks on the ebonite around it). Regarding the drag operation, when applied, the tension on the spool remains strong but the drag feels a bit sticky. New brake shoes would remedy this.

The reel comes with a leather reel case marked 2/0. It has a slot for the reel handle on the bottom of the case and the resulting fit is absolutely perfect.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to acquire a very scarce, if not unique variation of the classic EVH Tobique salmon reel!

Reasonable offers will be considered.