Edward Vom Hofe Model 504 Tobique Size 1/0 Fly Reel

SKU: VFT4769

For sale here is a size 1/0 Edward Vom Hofe Model 504 Tobique Salmon fly reel in good original condition. This reel was a special order whereby the spool spins in the opposite direction of the handle.

This style is referenced in the Vom Hofe book on page 102. "The standard spool rotated in the same direction as the handle, exactly as does a single-action reel. However, for anglers who preferred to fish the reel on top of a rod, the spool could be made to rotate in the opposite direction. During the first four years, this option was free. In 1932, a $5 charge was imposed and by 1936, the option was eliminated. The 1/0 reel made in 1930 and 1931 is unique in that it was only produced with a spool that revolved in opposition to the rotation of the handle."

It carries the 1902 patent "Edward Vom Hofe Maker -N.Y.-" marked drag knob cover, and has a strong click and fully functional adjustable drag with red indicator dots. V400 serial number on the foot dating the reel to 1929. German silver screws, pillars, rims, on/off knob, handle arm screw, handle counterbalance cap, and drag adjustment knob. Aluminum handle, foot and spool flanges. Full-length and un-filed foot. Uncleaned original condition. Comes with its original Vom Hofe issued leather case in good condition as well.

One for the Vom Hofe collector for sure!