Vom Hofe, Julius - Perforated Trout Reel Size 3 1/2

For sale here is a very scarce Julius Vom Hofe Perforated Trout Reel from 1911-1914. Size 3 1/2 (if you know of another size 3 1/2 nickel-plated JVH, please let us know because we've not heard of one ever surfacing). With a 2 3/8" diameter and 11/16" spool width, this scarce reel features perforated rims and an overhanging edge on the head plate to prevent line from entangling under the full-sized, counter-balanced handle arm. The large hard rubber grasp is free from cracks or chips and rotates perfectly upon its post. The tail plate is marked very clearly "Julius Vom Hofe - Pat Oct. 8 '89" and "Brooklyn, N.Y." The sliding on/off click works perfectly. The reel has a nickel plated finish over brass, with 99% of the nickel plating remaining after over 100 years! The mechanical operation of the reel remains flawless. The foot is full-length and has never been altered.

You may never see another one of these JVH Perforated reels in such amazing condition. One with an original box sold at auction in 2006 for $24,000 plus premium.This patented "Oct. 8, '89" reel is thought of to be the rarest of all Julius Vom Hofe reels, with perhaps one of these known for every four JVH german silver / hard rubber perforated fly reels, which are also highly desirable. If you know of any of these for sale, please let us know.

This reel is no longer for sale.

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