VR Design Trutta 2/0 Titanium Fly Reel

For sale here is a VR Design titanium fly reel - the Trutta 2/0 model. Vladimir Rachenko from Ukraine started designing and manufacturing fly reels and tools in the early nineties. His mechanical engineering experience, aviation engineering background and talent shines through with his latest titanium reel creations. This reel is fully machined from aerospace certified titanium bar stock. The Trutta 2/0 will hold a DT2+50m or WF3+55m and weighs 188 grams, or 6.63 oz. The reel has a rim control for easy palming. Plunger-type click pawl design. Diameter is 3.0" and the spool width is 0.95".

Please note: If there are no reels in stock at the time of your order, we require a refundable 50% deposit upfront upon placing your order and estimate the reel will be completed and delivered in 60 to 90 days. Please contact me for availability prior to placing your order. 

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