Walt Carpenter Browntone 7'3" 2/2 #4

An excellent W.C Carpenter 7' 3" 2-piece Browntone rod with two mirrored tips, and built for a #4 weight. Medium action rod with flametone rod shafts designed in a two-opposed node pattern. Wrapped brown with black edges. White agate stripper and perfection HSS snake guides. Excellent+ varnish. This rod was built in 1980, a particularly early and desirable period.

5 1/2" half wells cork grip. Varnished Spanish cedar wood spacer ring separates the grip and cork seat, and this is repeated at the anchor point of the cap (nice design Walt!). Cap and ring style seat hardware. All hardware oxidized. Step ferrules. Aluminum and cork ferrule plug.

Walt's rods are scarcer by the year and this is an excellent example of the Catskill school rodmaker. Gray poplin bag, aluminum tube and brass cap and collar with Walt's logo sticker.
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