Wes Drain Steelhead reel - extremely scarce!

For sale here is a very scarce Wes Drain Steelhead reel, one of 7-8 reels made with the aid of Boeing engineers/machinists and their facilities in Washington State.

Drain was a well-known and very accomplished fisherman, holding a 20+ year record for the largest steelhead landed in the State of Washington, caught on the Skagit River on a self-made fly pattern now known as the "Drain's 20", named after the 20+lb steelhead that set the record.

Flies tied by Wes Drain, courtesy of Mark Canfield (the bottom one is a Drain's 20)

Wes Drain Steelhead reel specifications:
4" diameter, 1" spool width, 8.8 oz, left or right hand retrieve, adjustable click/pawl drag (very strong and smooth), 40 tooth gear.

The reel is in excellent+ and original condition and comes with a fine handmade Mariner leather case, also made in Washington State.

The two photos of the reel with the Paul Young rod are courtesy of Robert Jon Golder, aka Quashnet.

Don't let this very scarce and historic piece of Northwest steelheading history get away!

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