Olson, William - Sealed Drag Series 3 1/2" Wide Drum Fly Reel

SKU: VFT11933

For sale here is a highly coveted William Olson fly reel. This one is from his Sealed Drag Series. Single action (direct drive). Reel is new, with a diameter or 3 1/2" and a spool width of 1.4". This reel was custom ordered with a wider spool width than the usual 1.0 or 1.1 inches on the 3 1/2" diameter size. Left-hand retrieve only. This reel is basically equivalent in size and weight to a Bogdan Model 0 or 150 without the multiplying gear. Reel comes with a fine leather Arne Mason pouch and letter from Mr. Olson. Mr. Olson's wait time is 20 months and growing. If you are interested in ordering a different Olson reel, you can find details here.