R.L. Winston "Leetle Feller" Bamboo Rod 6' 2/1 #3


For sale here is a San Francisco-era R.L. Winston "Leetle Feller" bamboo rod - 6' 2/1 3wt -- marked 2 oz. Serial no. 9844 made by Doug Merrick in the very early 1970s. The rod is in excellent original condition.

Beige wraps (NCP) with burgundy tipping at the winding check, signature wrap, ferrules, and tip-top. Carboloy stripper. The script remains clean and bold. Bronzed ring hook keeper. Handsome tiered bakelite winding check. Full-wells grip 4 1/2" in length, well-soiled but should clean up well if the next owner wishes. Bright aluminum cap and ring reel seat over a mortised cork spacer. Duronze ferrules with a perfect fit. The rod's actual weight is 2.10 oz. Medium-fast action. Includes its original two-compartment red bag with label as well as the original tube with label 95% intact.

The 1977 Winston catalog describes the "Leetle Feller" as follows: 

"They are designed to make short, very accurate casts on small streams where extreme care in line presentation is desired. The Leetle Fellers are well designed rods for serious anglers to fish #3 or #4 lines under 50'."

Don't miss out on this original, highly regarded classic Winston rod.

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