Paul Young Para 17 Bamboo Rod 8'6" 2/2 #7/8

SKU: VFT1455

For sale here is a Paul H. Young Parabolic 17 bamboo rod, complete with original satin bag and aluminum tube. Serial #2004, made in 1955. The rod is in excellent overall condition. Each rod section is full length and straight. Comes with a dry tip and a wet tip for a WF7 or WF8 weight line respectively. Scripted on four flats. First flat: F.P. Horning Mar. '55. Second flat: "Parabolic 17" 8 1/2' - 5.38 oz. - 5.23 oz. Third flat: Wet. G.B.F. Dry. H.C.F. Fourth flat: Paul H. Young Co. Detroit - Maker. The EC-Powell style grip is in fine condition with very light ridging. The Super-Z ferrules are 17/64 and the fit is excellent. Tips tops are 6/64 (wet tip) and 5/64 (dry tip). Downlocking reel seat over cork. Detroit die stamp on butt cap. A few guides were recently re-wrapped by Bob Summers and the wet tip received an overcoat of varnish. Overall, a powerful and versatile rod that has been maintained well for over sixty years and remains in fine condition.