Otto Zwarg Model 300 Saguenay Fly Reel (Brooklyn) - Size 4/0

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For sale here is a very scarce Otto Zwarg Model 300 Saguenay salmon fly reel - size 4/0. Single action. Made in Brooklyn. Serial number B143 made in 1947. Excellent++ condition. The drag is still perfectly strong and smooth. The reel has its full length original foot with a little bend on one corner. The screws show absolutely NO use marks. The reel's rims, pillars, and spool have been gently polished. The reel was found in an ammunition container in a storage locker and had been there for approximately thirty years untouched. It had developed some verdigris on the german silver rims and the spool had an old silk line on it that had become sticky. The line residue was cleaned off of the spool and shows absolutely no corrosion. The rims and pillars were polished and look stunning! The ebonite sideplates have not been polished in any manner, remaining unharmed and retaining their rich black color.

Zwarg reels were first made in Brooklyn, before moving to St. Petersburg, FL where the bulk of his reels were made. As head of reel making for Vom Hofe, Zwarg worked with the world class fisherman who followed him when he was granted the right to make the Vom Hofe style reels under his own name. Only Zwarg made his reels even tougher. If you weigh Vom Hofe and Zwarg reels of the same size, you will find the Zwargs are slightly heavier, owing to Zwarg's use of heavier internal gearing and braking.