Otto Zwarg Model 400 Laurentian Fly Reel - Size 1/0 with rare leather case

SKU: VFT10311

For sale here is an Otto Zwarg Model 400 Laurentian (multiplier) salmon fly reel in the rare 1/0 size with the even more rare leather case in amazing condition. Made in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1955. Serial number J120. This one is in near mint condition and all original. The drag is perfectly smooth throughout its adjustable range and feels new. I've never seen a Zwarg in better condition as this one.

Zwarg reels were first made in Brooklyn, before moving to St. Petersburg, FL where the bulk of his reels were made. As head of reel making for Vom Hofe, Zwarg worked with the world class fisherman who followed him when he was granted the right to make the Vom Hofe style reels under his own name. Only Zwarg made his reels even tougher. If you weigh Vom Hofe and Zwarg reels of the same size, you will find the Zwargs are slightly heavier, owing to Zwarg's use of heavier internal gearing and braking.