Otto Zwarg Model 600 Size 4/0 Maximo Reel

SKU: VFT11515

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For sale here is a Otto Zwarg Model 600 reel - size 4/0. (St. Petersburg). What makes this reel unique is the history behind it. The reel was gifted to NBC TV personality Jerry Lester, star of the late night TV show "Broadway Open House", the forerunner of "The Tonight Show". The reel is in excellent condition with only a few hairline scratches in the ebonite plates. No chips or cracks in the reel. Also included is the original leather case with Lester's initials, "JL". The case is in excellent condition as well. The Zwarg catalog I have notes the capacity as "300 yards No. 15 or 200 yards No. 21 Linen Line". Reel diameter is 3 7/8" and the spool width is 2 1/8". The reel weighs 31 ounces.