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Note: our thanks to Cape Bretton guide Elmer Hart for showing us his Pinky Gillum fly boxes and photos and for sharing his history and stories.

So on my recent fishing trip to Canada a local friend stopped by my fishing cabin to show me something. His father had guided famed bamboo rodmaker Harold “Pinky” Gillum for many years and over time the two had become friends. Anyway, my friend pulled out a silver Wheatley-style box and showed it to me – it had been Pinky’s for many years and while a few flies had clearly been added later on, there were still many fishy-looking ones that looked like Pinky had probably put them there and used them himself. It was quite a treat to poke through!

Below are a few photos of the box as well as a few photos of Pinky and a salmon rod he made which resides at the local salmon museum.

Pinky Gillum Fly Box

Pinky Gillum Fly Box 2

Pinky Gillum Fly Box 3

A Photo of Pinky Salmon Fishing…

Pinky Gillum Fly Box 4

A rod built by Pinky which was donated to the Margaree Salmon Museum…

Pinky Gillum Fly Box 5


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Judie Darbee Vinciguerra Smith
Judie Darbee Vinciguerra Smith

May 12, 2021

I would like to hear the story that Robert Tuccio said he would share. My mother and father, Elsie and Harry Darbee, went with Pink and Win on their honeymoon to Cape Breton. They were friends for many years until Win died.

Robert E. Tuccio
Robert E. Tuccio

November 05, 2017

I have a very interesting “Pinky” Gillum story I would like to share with people who knew Pinky as a friend and sportsman.

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