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Earlier this summer Junior and I managed to carve out a week to head up to Nova Scotia for some summer salmon fishing. We usually go in the fall (I just got back from that trip – more on that later) so this was a bit of an experiment, and while the trip as a whole was great, the fishing was pretty mediocre on account of some extremely low water. That was basically the story all summer long in the Maritimes unfortunately.

At any rate, the trip did give us was a chance to scout some new pools and to say hello to some old friends like guide Ed McCarty, and to just poke around a bit. One of the places we stopped — which I make a point to visit every time I’m in the area — was the Margaree Salmon Museum, which I highly recommend to anyone who loves salmon fishing. Below are some photos Junior took while we were there. There are a number of things that bamboo enthusiasts will particularly like.

Margaree Salmon Museum

The main part of the museum…

Margaree Salmon Museum 2

A great collection of old salmon reels…

Margaree Salmon Museum 3

A Pinky Gillum Salmon Rod….

Pinky Gillum Salmon Rod 4

Examining a collection of old salmon rods, including many greenhearts…

Marc Aroner Inspecting Fly Rods

A greenheart donated by Pinky Gillum

Margaree Salmon Museum 6

A Leonard Salmon rod donated by my dear friend (now departed) Joe Garman…

Margaree Salmon Museum 7

An interesting collection of old salmon spears…

Margaree Salmon Museum 8

Another main part of the gallery…

Margaree Salmon Museum 9

Pinky Gillum making another appearance. He loved fishing the margaree…

Margaree Salmon Museum 10

Famous rodmaker Everett Garrison hoisting a Margaree Salmon…

Margaree Salmon Museum 11

A nice salmon model and large map of the watershed…

Margaree Salmon Museum 12

Paintings and many fly collections…

Margaree Salmon Museum 13

Flies tied by famous baseball player and fly fisherman extraordinaire Ted Williams…

Margaree Salmon Museum 14

A “Charmin’ Garman” tied by yours truly in honor of Joe Garman…

Margaree Salmon Museum 15

Lots to like about old salmon fly collections…

Margaree Salmon Museum 16

Nice fly collections in shadowboxes…

Margaree Salmon Museum 17

Lastly, chatting with Frances Hart, a lifelong resident of the Margaree Valley who was worked in the museum for many decades. She is exceedingly gracious and a pleasure to talk with!

Margaree Salmon Museum 18

If you are ever in the Cape Breton area, make sure to visit the museum and support their efforts to keep a great part of the atlantic salmon tradition alive. You won’t regret it!


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Peter Garman
Peter Garman

May 12, 2021

I stumbled upon this sight and was honored and humbled to see several references to my Dad. Thank you.


September 27, 2018

Thanks for the note Greg – my Dad and I always love to visit the museum whenever we’re up there (him more than me these days, unfortunately)!


Greg Lovely
Greg Lovely

September 27, 2018

Nice right up on our museum guys……

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